Struggling to manage orders for your online business?

Create Menu-Style Stores & Receive Orders On WhatsApp Instantly!

A web-based eCommerce solution for small businesses to create menu-style stores while streamlining their customer's ordering process to WhatsApp or Email.


All You Need In Your Menu-Style Store

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FREE Hosting Included

You should NOT be spending $150/year just to host a website! By being our merchant, you can host your products and create your very own unique online store URL FOR FREE!

  • F&B Niche
  • Service Niche
  • Massage Service
  • F&B Niche

Display Cleanly
& Effectively!

It's 100% mobile optimized! Showcase your products or services powerfully with our simple, concise & menu-style design!

Say NO to DMs,
Stop Being Overwhelmed

Never miss out on an order request ever again! Start automating & streamlining your sales ordering process by receiving orders instantly to your WhatsApp & Email!

Customers' Questions Handle with Satisfaction

Focus on the important task. Let our customizable FAQ section handle your customer's inquiries with ease.

Building Trust is a Must

We understand how valuable a review is and that is why your customers can submit their reviews to rave about your brand, products, or services.

Why Choose FlowCart?

  • FlowCart's integration with WhatsApp allows your customers to send order information to your WhatsApp/Email instantly.

  • We are not a marketplace, therefore your business won't be competing with other businesses & their products or services.

  • Seamless shopping experience and simplified ordering process for your customers.

  • User-friendly platform to create and manage your backend with just a few clicks.

  • Save time by helping your business automate the ordering process instantly without missing any sales!

Store Settings

Setup your store such as descriptions, logo, fulfillment types, payment methods, set pre-order date & time, store themes, and colours to match your brand!

Manage Your Customer Database

Organize & manage your customers so that you are able to retain them by keeping track of their information.

Merchant Dashboard

100% Web-Based App | No Downloading of App

Order Management System (OMS)

Manage your fulfillment processes for all pending & approve orders, allowing you to save more time and keep better track of customers' orders and generate invoices.

Store Statistics with Analytics

Gain insights about your store such as total visitors, orders, customers, and sales. You can even CSV. export all your store data analytics!

Are You A Hostage In
Your Own Business?

  • Is your current platform stopping you from receiving the full profits that your business is generating?

  • Are you paying percentage or commission fees from your revenue to continue under your current platform?

  • Is your revenue limited because there is a sales cap per month?

  • Do you find your business paying too much for just some added features?

Are You Ready To Take Control?

No Monthly Sales Cap | ZERO Commission Fee | No Limits
Whatever sales you make using FlowCart. You keep 100% of it.

3 Step Process Flow

It's about time to "Go With The Flow" with FlowCart πŸ›’

Set Up Your
FlowCart Store

Create your store URL, upload logo, store appearance, enter your WhatsApp mobile number, fulfillment & payment methods.

Upload Your
Products or Services

Create categories, add items, images, variations, prices, details that you want to showcase in your menu-style store.

Share Your Menu-Style Store URL!

Share your unique URL store:
to anyone & start receiving orders!

Have Questions?

We have listed most of our FAQs below:

Who is FlowCart made for?

FlowCart is developed to support small businesses to automate & streamline the sales ordering process without any of the hassles.

We have seen a rise in the number of small businesses relying on WhatsApp to carry out their daily business activities. We realize that it is exceptionally hard and overwhelming...

For online sellers to:

  • Capture orders
  • Collecting customer's data
  • Sending their PDF menu
  • Replying to FAQs
  • Requesting for reviews

How about your customer's experience?

  • Browse your Social Media
  • DM/PM to inquire more details
  • Have to wait for your response
  • Request to see your Menu
  • Manually type in order details

Businesses are micromanaging customers, track orders and statistics on their own without any proper tool or platform because there aren't any.

FlowCart believes in functionality over beauty as we aim to serve you and your customers on our user-friendly & efficient platform at an affordable price without compromising on the quality. If you believe in what we do than this is for you. 🀩

How much is the subcription fees?

Can you afford 40 cents per day ($12/monthly) to streamline your online business?

We have other plans available too! Including a FREE plan too! Create your account now! πŸ€—

Do I need WhatsApp Business Account?

πŸ’ͺ We already did the heavy lifting for you, as long as you have a WhatsApp mobile number, you're good to go! Simple flow, ready to go!

Am I able to sell services using FlowCart?

Absolutely! You are able to sell any product or service that are 100% legal and as determined by WhatsApp in its sole discretion. Feel free to read our platform policy for further clarifications.

How do I receive my orders?

Kindly login to your merchant dashboard, upon setting up your store, you can opt to receive orders via:

  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Both

At the dashboard, you can approve the orders (once they make the payment) and see all of the orders that are sent to your WhatsApp, E-mail.

With our built-in order management system, you're able to track your customers, analytics accordingly.

How do I receive my payments?

You can easily add and customize your preferred payment method such as PayNow, PayLah, PayPal Link, Bank Transfer to accept payments from your customers like you usually do.

Debit, or credit card online payments are not acceptable because we do not want to hold any responsibility for your sale transactions or have you pay for any additional transactional fees.

We may include this feature in the future.

Are there any commission fee or monthly volume sales cap?

No, we do not take any percentage sales or commission fees nor restrict a payment plan based on the volume of your sales.

Our plans are very affordable at a monthly flat fee with no hidden costs. πŸ˜‰

Is this service compliant with Data protection policies?

Our service abides by the rulings stated in β€˜The Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) (β€œPDPA”)’.

The personal data that's captured through FlowCart belongs to you and your business only. The consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of the personal data for the purpose of order & delivery information, and marketing promotions only.

Click the link below to find out more:
Privacy Policy | Platform Policy | Terms of Service 

Am I able to cancel the subscription anytime?

Absolutely. We are confident you would have the greatest experience with FlowCart but if you feel like it does not cater to your needs anymore, you are able to cancel anytime you want! Contact us at

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